Portfolio site for a graphic and print designer.

Launch project

"I have been really impressed by Dan's efficiency and coding expertise. He is an excellent listener, responds very quickly and professionally to my requests, and intuitively understood what I wanted from my website."

Artists and designers have their own strong sense of aesthetics and instinctive ideas on how to best show their work.

In this case, it was important that the design of the site itself did not dominate, in order to let the content show through. The site I designed in response is a minimal but visually pleasing platform that loads fast, then gets out of the way.

An important feature is the highlights displayed prominently on the front page. These are automatically displayed at a lower resolution to get them on the screen as fast as possible, and, when clicked through to see more, the work is displayed in high resolution detail.

The site is fully responsive, from desktops to tablets to mobiles. As the web moves increasingly onto tablets and mobiles, this is not merely a feature but a necessity. Mobile-ready, responsive sites mean that the content is always displayed in the best way for the form factor, regardless of size.